Future of the Forest

Future of the Forest    The Future of the Forest Committee has concluded its work and presented its report to the Carolina Forest Civic Association on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  
The Committee was charged with considering the issues affecting the Community and reporting back on possible approaches to address those issues. Anyone interested is invited to attend.
The results of the study are on a special tab of the www.cf-ca.org website titled:
The Future of the Forest
Uploads will be added to this page as they progress.  Your input and dedication to our future is an utmost concern.  
We ask all to read these documents and give us your input at the January 17, 2018 Meeting of the CF Civic Association (6 p.m. at the HCPR CF Recreation Center).  
We need you as a community to guide us all into our future.  Please step up and volunteer.
Questions can be referred to both the BOD@cf-ca.org and futureoftheforest@gmail.com

Click Here to Download the Executive Summary

Click Here to Download the Committee Report

Addendum Dated 11/20/2017      Clarification of Special Tax Districts
Update from Fred Crosby: Please find attached the addendum to the report made concerning Special Tax Districts.
Fred Crosby will come to the January meeting and correct the information for the Association. A Special Tax District is a viable option for the Community to Consider.

Click Here to Download the Addendum