Friends of the CF Library's Family Fun Day

Candidate Forum May 18, 2022

September 15th, 2021 Meeting

Attendees were updated on the Santee Cooper Pole Lighting Initiatve, Redistricting in HC, future CFCA Speakers for 2022, 2022 Elections and more.  The September speakers were: HCPD North Precinct Captain Tina Vaught, Lt. R Ghent, Chief Joe Hill and CF Officers addressing Issues in CF.  Topics included Traffic enforcement, school traffic, crime statistics, and how the North Precinct protects us all

January 21st 2021 Meeting

Speaker:Jason Thompson, Ride Program for Horry County

October 21st, 2020. Live assembly featuring presentations by candidates for SC House District 56.

Start:       Call to order; announcements; overview.
07 + 55    Street Lights Initiative update
16 + 50    Neighborhood events
19 + 45    Presentations by Dr. Fisher & Mr. McGinnis (Candidates for District 56 Representative)
36 + 00    Begin Q & A
36 + 10    What's your position on gun control?
38 + 15    Increase taxes to increase teacher pay?
43 + 50    (Discussion on Ride III Initiatives)
47 + 30    How will communicate legislative developments to constituents?
49 + 15    Why are you running for Dist. 56 Rep?
52 + 35    Voting process:  Restrict further or open it up further?
56 + 10    How best to improve our infrastructure?
59 + 10    Wrap-up; Close


The Carolina Forest Civic Association has established The Joe DeFeo Memorial Scholarship in memory of our late Horry County School Board Chairman.  The scholarship is designed to help alleviate the financial burden of higher learning for a full-time senior who resides in Carolina Forest and attends Carolina Forest High School located in Carolina Forest.
The Scholarship consists of Two Awards of $2,500 each to be provided to three students.  Each award will be paid directly to an accredited University, College, Community College or Technical School for the recipient.  This Scholarship must be used for tuition and/or books only.
2020 Awardees
Andrew Pauly
Kaitlyn Kulick
Tiffany Davis
Besides each awardees (as noted above), the pictures include
Principal Gaye Driggers
HCSB Chair Ken Richardson
Sandra Lucas Hyde (Joe's fiance)
HCSB D3 Ray Winters
Carole vanSickler, CFCA President

Joe DeFeo Golf Scholarship Award 2019

Tiffany Davis with Members of the CFCA BOD, Sandra Lucas Hyde (Joe DeFeo;s fiance), CFHS Principal Gaye Driggers and HC School Board District 3 Director Ray Winters

Business Exp

Business Expo

Barbara Wells - Winner of TV w/Greg Schwartz 
Karen Jones - Winner of ADS Security System w/Greg Schwartz 

CFCA Social Mixer

CFCA Social Mixer

January 18th Meeting

January 18th meeting with speaker Horry County Police Chief Joseph Hill 

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